Roxy Cox - My BBC makes you feel tiny

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    In POV view I start teasing you with my big tits pulling them out of my low cut dress. You get an instant hard on and I decide to show you what big bulge I'm hiding under my dress. My cock is so much bigger than your dick even though it's still soft. Look at how big my black cock is and it makes you look so small even though I'm not even fully erect yet. The fact that I'm bigger turns me on so much and makes me hard and my black cock grows even bigger to a big 14" BBC huge strap on. Now I'm going to fuck you with my huge monster sized dick and I'm so much bigger and stronger than you can't resist and I'm going to make you take it. I barely get the head of my huge BBC inside you and you blow your little load instantly, so disappointing you little dicks always cum too quick. But I'm not done with you yet so I keep going and fuck your holes, your mouth and your tight ass are going to get stretched and filled making you take it balls deep. Wanking your little dick making you cum over and over, blowing your little loads. Now I'm going to show you what a proper load looks like, this BBC is so huge that it's got one massive load to wash away your tiny load and it will leave no sign that you even came. A bigger cock and a bigger load you can't compete
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