Roxy Cox - Eat your own cum loser

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    Such a pathetic little dick loser you are. So weak and addicted to your hot goddess you can't keep away, but I know your little secret you've got a tiny dicklet inside those panties you've been wearing. When I seen how small that loser dick was, I nearly wet myself laughing and so did the rest of my girlfriends. So tiny that little baby dick will never please me or any other woman for that matter. Your only here for my amusement and you pay to get my attention, being able to worship my feet is as good as it gets for you and listen to my sexy hot accent while you beg to cum. Little dick losers like you always cum too quick, so as punishment mistress will make you eat all of your own cum. Sissy panty losers will eat every drop and be thankful that I let you cum loser. Your not worthy a goddess like me, watch as I humiliate your loser dick, crushing it between my huge tits and laughing at your pathetic manhood
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