Roxy Cox - Body Worship and Cum Denial

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    You are weak for me your perfect goddess in those tiny hot pant. Waving my hips back and forth making you more weak and pathetic, begging to jerk for your perfect mistress. I'm brainwashing you and making you more addicted to perfect hot body. Such and round perfect ass for you to beg to worship. Wishing I would sit on your face, you need me and can't take your eyes off my perfect ass. Beg to jerk that worthless cock slave, you'll never get to touch only look at perfection and beg to jerk and and like a good boy. Mistress bending over in her sexy shorts and boots. You'll worship my boots too, my brown knee high suede boots. You are nothing but a weak pathetic jerk puppet for me, you will get on your knees and beg to lick my boots clean to serve your perfect blonde goddess. Keep stroking your worthless dick slave, you worship every inch of me from head to toe. Those perfect breasts, squeezing them together, teasing you more. You can't help but stare at those perfect huge breasts. Just hoping one will slip out, hoping goddess will let you see her perfect round breasts. You love your goddess, you live to serve me, endlessly begging to see them. Maybe goddess will take pity on you, maybe I'll let you cum. I've had you jerking off for so long and getting sick of your begging and pathetic moaning so I'm going to give you a 10 second cum countdown and you only get to cum and see those perfect breasts when I say zero. Keep stroking slave, 10 seconds till mistress gives you permission to cum. 10, 9 keep begging loser to cum, your desperate to cum, 8,7, beg more, how bad do you need to cum and make your worthless dick cum, 6, 5, blue balls aching, you need to cum for me slave, 4, 3 begging louder, please goddess can I cum for you, 2, want to cum loser......10 no your not going to get to cum. Did you really think a loser like you would be granted permission to cum from a hot goddess like me. Your not worthy, you deserve to be teased and denied and you are going to have blue balls. Mistress laughs at you, still begging to worship your queen.