Roxy Cox - Chastity Slave Tasks

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    Mistress Roxy has locked her slave in chastity and she slips the only key inside her bra. You plead and beg for mistress to unlock the device and you know your not allowed to touch your perfect goddess so the only way to be set free is to complete all the tasks assigned to you by your mistress. These tasks are designed to be humiliating, embarrassing and so shameful that you will have no dignity left when you reach the final task. You have one week to complete all 11 tasks and mistress goes through each one of the tasks and what you must do to humiliate yourself for my enjoyment. Remember if you fail and don't do all of the tasks then you will be locked in your cock cage for eternity and there no escape when mistress throws away the key and your left with blue swollen balls and will never get to beg to wank your pathetic loser cock again
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