Meana Wolf - Amazon Breeding Ritual

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    Awaken slave, it is time. You think you are not a slave? Haha oh but you are. Amazons rule here, and here…all men are slaves. It is my sworn duty to protect my Amazon sisters from men like you. But it is my right as princess to breed with any man that might stumble into our realm. You men are brainless animals, void of character, void of morals. You will bow to me, and you will give me your seed so that I may bare a beautiful Amazon daughter. I will give you pleasure that you could only dream of. You cannot escape, not even Zeus himself would stop me from taking what is mine. Amazon’s are trained in the ways of war, and in the ways of love. And with my skilled Amazon tongue and fingers, I will strengthen the seed inside of you. Gaze on this glorious Amazon cunt and fill it with your seed. And when it is done and my belly is full of new life, my sisters and I will feast on your flesh and I will devour your cock. Tonight the Amazons dine on man slave meat. But first…fill me with your seed. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: The princess of the Amazons is ready to breed. She will use her training to strengthen your seed and when she is satisfied that she is pregnant with an Amazon daughter, she and her sisters will feast on your flesh. This is the Amazon way slave, and you…must oblige. **Amazons, Impregnation Fantasy, Edging, FemCan Fantasy, Creampie