Roxy Cox - Getting wet in the shower

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    I feel like getting wet & naughty in the shower. I step in wearing my tight skinny jeans with a white crop top showing off my tight body and big tits. I want to tease you and turn on the shower and get my t-shirt and jeans drenched. Playing with my tits, you can see my hard nipples poking through my wet shirt and the water flowing down over my hot ass in the jeans and I rub my jeans and reach inside to see how wet that pussy has got. I just love to tease you getting my clothes all wet, I am putting on a wet t-shirt display. It felt so good getting that shirt all wet that I put on another dry one this time its pink and you can see my hard nipples sticking out and your cock is rock hard watching me spray myself again and soak my top. With a couple more tops I continue to tease you, with close up on my nipples through my soaked shirt and then I decide I've been teasing your cock long enough. It's time I strip out of these wet clothes and I slowly pull that last top off and bend over pulling my tight wet jeans all the way down to reveal those tight little fuckholes. You've been jerking for so long when I was teasing you soaking my clothes and now I want that cock, fingering my pussy it's so wet for you and I want your dick right between my tits and have you fuck those huge tits dripping in water. Slide that cock inside me and fuck me hard and fast, stretching my juicy wet cunt, I pull it out to taste and now I want to feel you slide into my tight asshole. Pushing back against your cock filling my ass with that big dick, mm feels so good getting all my holes fucked and stretched in the shower. You fucked me so good that it makes me cum so good and I give you all of my juicy squirt. Such a wet and messy shower, we should do this more often