Roxy Cox - Giantess Wants To Crush You

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    I am working out in my tight yoga pants and a sports bra. I confront you for leering at my hot body while working out. It must be intimidating to look at a hot perfect blonde goddess working out to get stronger and you just feel so tiny and small looking at me. I start doing stretches over you and threaten to squish you with my feet, butt, crotch and hands. I could step on you and crush you like a bug. So small, weak and pathetic it would be so easy just to flatten you with my big round perfect ass. I can slide you inside my pants and crush you between my legs, struggling to breathe and gasping for air. I finally get bored of toying with you and stick you between my big huge tits. Pushing them together on purpose to squish you, all I can hear is your muffled sounds gasping for air while you get crushed between my big boobs. You are booby trapped, there is no escape from my big tits. I take you out and hold you in my hand, squeezing you with my tight grip. My little trapped toy man to play with and I put you back in between my tits and keep you there. You'll never perv on me again will you
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