Roxy Cox - Hot Neighbour Blackmails You

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    I'm your super hot next door neighbour and I've asked you to come by and help me move a few things. I take out a cigarette and start smoking. While taking a puff I tell you, whenever I smoke it makes me so horny and ask does it do that to you? I begin start undressing and I see you looking at me, staring at my big tits. I know your married, but I also know what you want and that you want me. But I want to dominate you, well if I just sit on your lap for a bit that's not cheating so it's fine. I sit on your lap, that’s feels good. I dry hump you for a bit and loosen my top, that’s not cheating either.” Grinding your cock for a bit and I slow down and I know you want to see my tits so bad don’t you. Let me put it inside me for a second and I'll let you see my tits? I takes your pants off and mount your cock, “that feels good doesn’t it? I start riding you and talk calmly. Here’s the deal, I’m also an escort and I can fuck your brains out and make you cum so fast.… But if I do that, you have to see me every month or I’m going to tell your precious wife you've been cheating. I start riding your dick, “that’s it, you little bitch. You know you like it. You know you want it. Let it feel good, I continue to ride you for a bit. “I can feel it, you cant take anymore” Then I stop and ask if we have a deal… you do not respond and I say, “No?” and I start to get off you… “Oh you've changed you mind?… You want it too bad. You want your face in my tits? You want to cum in me? I get back on top, “say it.” I start to ride you again, “say it again” “that’s it you little bitch “say, I own you” “ Say, “you want your face between my tits”… “ Oh yeah, that will make you cum, that’s your need”. I stick your face between my tits. "Oh yeah, that’s it cum, cum hard, let it feel good, let it feel incredible, this is what you want, this is what I give you… yes… yes… yes.... After a long orgasm, “Now you know your mine… see you next month“.