Roxy Cox - Jeans Goddess Worship

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    This was a custom request from my jeans slave. They bought me a pair of new jeans and wanted to worship their perfect goddess wearing them. I say the name, "Philip" in this video sometimes. I am also wearing a silk blouse and black knee high boots. Your perfect goddess got her new jeans delivered and can;t wait to try them on and tease my slave in them. I love to dominating and to use you, I know you have a jeans fetish and it's so easy to control you. The jeans you bought me are your biggest weakness and you know it! I know how weak you are for the stitching on the back pockets and on the zipper and most of all I know how weak that front button makes you! Your goddess teases you with it, touches it, scratches it with my fingernails. Your devine goddess teases you in every position bent over and close up in your face and you beg to worship my perfect ass. I even play a game to torment my slave more, every time I pull my zipper down you stroke but when I zip it up again you stop stroking. Just goes to show how mistress controls and owns you slave and I'll make you buy me more jeans so I can mesmerize and torment you further. Mistress unbuttons her sexy silk blouse to reveal that slim waist in those jeans I look so good in these and your going to buy me more. I make you weak and addicted slave you can't get enough of your Irish jeans Queen