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    This was a custom order - storyline was directed by the purchaser - no specific names were used - the storyline: Hello there Mr B. Cock, I'm not your usual doctor I know, but I am totally capable and qualified to look after you. I see you're here for some of your stiffness problems, well I actually specialise in curing stiffness. I know you're wondering why I'm in this uniform but this is just normal for the women of this clinic. I need you to take a special supplement whilst I go through your notes, you’re the perfect height and weight for the supplement I’ve given you. Lay down for me, close those eyes, when you wake up we will start your treatment. You awake to see a latex cover wrapped over your cock, you’re tied up to the bed. Whats happening? Well, don’t you worry Mr. Cock, this is normal treatment. The best way to cure stiffness in your neck, is to make the stiffness go elsewhere. The easiest place for that is - your cock! Wow & what a perfect cock you have! Do you know Mr. Cock, I’m actually quite the specialist at sucking cock, would you like me to release your tension and suck that marvellous cock of yours? Watch me as I tease, suck and tit fuck that huge cock, you then release a HUGE load of spunk all over my tits and face. I Think you’re going to need some more treatment though, we aren’t quite finished with that stiffness, I wouldn’t want you to go home still hard. You awake to find out that I’ve suddenly changed in a latex leotard, very high heels .. “Haven’t you realised yet? This isn’t just ANY clinic, this is a Latex Sex Fetish Clinic!” “So Mr. Cocks, phase two - I’m going to ride your cock & you’re going to get me cumming all down that perfect cock of yours! Good boy. I ride that cock until you get close, then I get back onto my knees again, tell you how to jerk that cock and let you release those heavy balls over me one last time.“ Right now Mr Cocks, you need to be on your way now, you should be all healed and definitely drained, I hope you enjoyed yourself at the fetish latex sex clinic, id like to see you again in the future