KimberleyJx - Extreme Edging and CEI

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    THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO - VIDEO WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - I SAY 'Stian' THROUGHOUT THIS VIDEO - THE STORY: You are already back for your next session, already starting to get addicted to me. As I start to tease you I tell you how a good slave should be able to edge for me for as long as I want. Only cumming if I have given permission & if I am kind enough to give permission, a good slave should also cum exactly how I say. I did warn you in my last session that I am going to push your limits and I know that when I'm teasing you in my sexy latex outfit, you're completely helpless. I take control of your cock and I want it well trained. In this session we are going to practice edging, speeding up, slowing down, stopping whenever I command. You must learn to hold back the intense pleasure and stop before going over the edge. There is another twist today as well, for every time I show you my perfect ass, if I slap it, you have to slap your cock. After I have teased and edged you for a while I will finally give you another ruined orgasm, because I love ruining your orgasms - but we are not done yet.. I also want you to eat your own cum today. I want you to follow my orders properly and keep repeating this until you edge and ruin your orgasm perfectly