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    HALLOWEEN 2018 Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE! - Let the Ghost with the MOST own and control your cock! Tease and please you and maybe scare you - a little. Cum before I've said Beetlejuice 3 times & spend eternity not being able to cum ever again! Do you dare to let Beetlejuice own your cock? Come and play with me..I promise to give you the CRAZIEST wank you've ever experienced. Let me tease you with my body, voice and JOI Skills. This dark twisted video is based on the iconic 'Beetlejuice', although - this one.. has a better ending, if you follow my instructions carefully. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS: Cosplay, Halloween, Parody, JOI, JOI Games, Cum Countdown, Teasing.