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    HALLOWEEN 2018 Wednesday Addams, the pyschopathic evil sadistic bitch wants to take it a step further with you - her filthy brother. She loves experimenting with you as it is ... but whilst Mom & Dad are away she can't help herself. Recently catching you masturbating, she doesn't just want to play with your cock and instruct you wank in-front of her Being the EVIL Bitch she is; she wants to inflict some pain on you - just a little. She plays a little game of 'Wednesday Says', instructing you how to wank & if you do anything without hearing 'Wednesday says' you'll get punished. Now if you thought that was bad enough... wait until Wednesday tells you whats she's going to do with your cum after you've exploded... This video contains: JOI, JOI GAMES, LIGHT CBT, CEI, DOMINATION, TABOO, HUMILIATION, BROTHER SISTER, COSPLAY, ROLEPLAY.