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    Im your teacher, we needed to discuss this novel you turned in as an assignment. In it you´ve been so descriptive which I reward but you've written about how you would use me as a submissive slut before sending me home to my husband filled with cum. I'm incredibly angry at you and I point out how I would never be a cheating whore, I'm very faithful to my husband & how I would never ask for cum all over my face. As I'm talking to you, I will discretly unbutton my shirt 1 button at the time, uncrossing my legs to show you that I'm wearing no panties so you can see my whole pussy before finally finger fucking my pussy hard begging for cum. I will try to stop my urges but I can't, my husband has been neglecting me in the bedroom. You know my husband well, he's your PE Teacher. You're so much more hung than him, your cock is literally so much bigger than his! In the end I need the novel to come true, so I start sucking your cock, making you cum in my mouth & then I ride your cock and let you cum in my pussy, sending me home with your potent cum inside my pussy. I'm not even on birth control, we need to do this all the time! This video include: Creampie, Cumshots, Red Lipstick, Thigh High Boots, Lingerie, No Panties, Taboo, Cuckolding Themes, Cheating wife, Teacher and student, Blow jobs, Wedding Ring. This was a custom video - no names were used throughout