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    This compilation contains the following videos - Lara Croft: Sexual Reality, Lara Croft: XXX Marks the Spot [Custom], Lets Play: Tomb Raider [Custom] all three videos are shot in 1080P. Lara Croft: Sexual Reality - Lara Croft Always Turned me on, the noises she makes, the posh English accent & that gorgeous curvy body. Have you ever dreamt of your favorite video game character coming to life? Controlling her, making her do whatever you want? - Well here is your chance. Watch as a dream turns into reality as a submissive latex clad Lara Croft appears in front of you, willing to be the posh little English slut she lives up to be in all the games and movies you’ve seen her in. See her tight curves in the shined up rubber as she does what she’s told. Sucking cock, swallowing your cum & fucking you until you leave her pussy with a huge cream pie. I’m sure this never happened in any of the games! Was it all just a dream? Lara Croft: XXX Marks the Spot [Custom] - This was a custom video - all the dialog was created by the purchaser - I use the name "Jason" throughout - The Story: Thank you so much Jason for always joining me on so many adventures, collecting treasure always gives me a thrill. Theres just one treasure I've never been able to get my hands on & thats the treasure in your pants, I've always had a thing for Asian guys so "please can you show me that cock?" "Oh - your not just going to show me it, you want me to do a few things first, ok then.." Watch me strip down firstly revealing my tits, you always loved how tight my latex top was but these firm tits under just get you so hard, I don't even wear a bra underneath then I take my latex shorts off.. I've had something under my shorts the whole time during our adventures, take a look and see whats been giving me such a thrill! It was my buttplug, it gets me sooo horny. " Why do you think I always make those grunts and moans when we are on our journeys?" I play with myself, getting myself so excited until I squirt for you. Then the Striptease suddenly turns into a sloppy blow job then tit fucking until I finally beg you to release your treasure inside me..please impregnate me! Fill me with your seed. You fuck me bent over then I ride your cock cowgirl. Oh my, this has been the BEST adventure I've ever been on with you! “ So.. Will you join me on another adventure in the future? So I can give you another surprise as a thank you present when we are done. Lets Play: Tomb Raider - CUSTOM VIDEO - VIDEO WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - THE STORY: Imagine that this movie is you doing a let's play video of a new sexy Tomb Raider game. You're playing and talking about your favourite part of the game, which is the new sexy stealth take-downs. You provide some voice-over commentary on the scenes as they play out, describing what you're doing and why. In keeping with it being about the stealth system you talk quietly, or you could even whisper the narration. Scene 1: As I mentioned above, this scene would b...