Roxy Cox - JOI and Body Worship with Lara

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    Lara is pointing her guns at you, telling you how easy it was to overpower you and threatens you to give her the information she needs. You don't seem to cooperate and I know that there are far more effective ways to extract information than just using my guns. I run your my hands all over my body, telling you that after I'm done with you, you will become my mindless and drooling slave. I take off my boots and socks to reveal my bare soles and I can see that's got you hard. Seeing as my soles turn you on so much, I know there is no way that you will be able to withhold any information from me. I order me to drop down onto your knees and worship my bare soles and perfect feet. I laugh as you follow and obey my orders, knowing that you are already becoming my brainless slave. I then instruct me to take your cock out and start wanking it for me. I love to control you and I have so much power over you, but as much fun as it is teasing you I want to speed up the process. I pull down my top to reveal my perfect big tits. Rubbing and pushing them together, while instructing you how fast I want you to wank. I explain that after I've got the information from you, how I'm going to turn you into my grovelling foot slave, worshiping and pampering my feet everyday. I take my shorts off and spread my legs wide so you can a perfect view of my tits, pussy and sexy bare soles, I know this view of your tits, pussy and the soles of your feet at the same time, is just too much for you to handle and I give you a short countdown to cum for me Finally I am satisfied to see the amount of cum you've produced and now your willing to share the information with me and become my slave