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    On the 11th February 2017, I was given the opportunity to take over the YouPorn Snapchat account for the day. I wanted to give my current followers, and potential followers, a background look into my life, and what I get up to on a regular basis (with some naughty pictures/videos thrown in for good measure). From showing you my sexy lingerie, cleavage enhancing outfit, thigh high boots and a cheeky look at some spectacular jiggling assets, I began by taking you guys with me as I journeyed to London in search of some skin-tight latex! After spending some time looking round the Harry Potter store at Kings Cross' Platform 9¾, I ventured into Covent Garden, one of my favourite places in and around London. Not to let down the guys and girls, I decided to walk the 15 floors/stories from Covent Garden Underground, to the surface, tightening up my ass and legs in the process. Gotta work the Glutes when you can! As expected, I encountered a couple of street performers in Covent Garden; including a living statue and a Chinese musician, before running like an addict to grab my first Starbucks of the day! Having finished my first coffee fix of the day, I walked (albeit more up-beat due to caffeine) to one of my favourite Latex Boutiques situated close to the Covent Garden Underground Station ... Liberation. After spending well over an hour inside, partly due to the fact that the smell and feel of latex is a huge turn on for me, I managed to purchase a few items including two pairs of skin-tight leggings, a pair of 8 inch heeled ballet boots and some naughty bondage equipment that I wasn't allowed to show on Snapchat! After venturing into Liberation I take you to the house of our Majesty - Buckingham Palace, one of the key sights not to be missed in London. Then I took you all to the studios where you check out the job role I used to have of a UK Babeshow Presenter. After a very busy day in the city I take you home to show you all behind the scenes of a photoshoot, trying on my purchases from liberation. Prior to this I take a very hot shower, as you can tell it got extremely steamy, mysteriously the ‘YouPorn’ logo was left in the mirror! Questions and Answers were soon to follow where I answer your most asked questions via Twitter as I get myself prepared for an naughty Latex Photoshoot. This is where you see how good the skintight latex looks! I hope you all agree. Feel free to watch, or re-watch, the entire Youporn Snapchat takeover in the video, consisting of videos, pictures and general shenanigans.