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    THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO - THIS VIDEO WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - THE NAME 'Danny Boy' WAS USED THROUGHOUT - The Story: I'm a nun teacher and Danny boy has been a huge distraction in class. With his huge distraction in his pants. Not only that but his grades have been dropping and he has been bringing candy lollipops to class wich isn't allowed in my class. I decide to keep Danny boy after class to address this issue. After all I know that I am part of the problem dressing in tight latex skirts and fishnets isn't helping. I decide to take the lollipop and tease Danny boy just a little more in detention to see just how big this distraction is. Wow! His huge cock busts through his zipper. I pull out the yard stick that I use for the desks of students when there not paying attention during class to measure his huge hard cock. Holy fuck it's huge nearly 12 inches I haven't seen a cock that big since I joined the sister hood. I decide to tease him a little more by rubbing my latex clad ass up and down his huge cock licking all over the lollipop I took from him. He explodes all over my latex clad shiny ass covering it in cum. My!... that's alot. What's this? he is still hard and now i'm extremely wet. I can't resist to taste the tip of his cock still teasing licking the lollipop pop as well as his cock but I much prefer his cock. Mmmm yes Danny boy has been eating his pineapples his cum tastes so good. I decide to suck his huge cock until he cums all over your pretty face and lips. Wow Danny boy is still raging hard. Maybe wrapping those perfect big tits around his cock and fucking his big distraction with those perfect tits will do the trick. His cock unloads once again between and all over my tits and neck. There is alot of cum dripping off of me and it tastes so fucking good. Oh my he is still so fucking hard. And I'm extremely wet. Now it's my turn to cum. I make Danny boy fuck me in several different positions cumming all over his big throbbing hard distraction. Danny cums one last time. All over my face, tits and pussy. Cum covered in your hot sexy latex nun uniform I send Danny boy on his way. This may have to be a regular after school detention session to deal with Danny boy This Video Contains: Pussy Play, Blow Jobs. Hand Job, Roleplay, Cumshots, POV Sex, Creampie, Latex