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    This video is a 10 Step Guide into getting your partner involved in Cuckolding. If you've always been turned on at the thought of cuckolding and you've always struggled to confess this to your other half - this video is for you. Listen to my steps as I teach you how to do it in the easiest way possible. Learn from me, the way I got into cuckolding. The steps include: Proving you aren't worthy, Knowing your place, Arranging a threesome, Sloppy seconds etc. Not only is this an in-depth guide aimed at turning your fantasy into reality, it will also humiliate you along the way so you come away knowing you don't deserve to pleasure your partner. This is my first of many guides aimed at those who ask me: 'How do I get my wife to fuck someone?', 'How can I get my girlfriend to fuck my hung best friend?' these are regular questions I get asked & I know it can be hard to confess you want to be third place in the relationship, but it doesn't have to be - I'm here to help. Cuckolding is a lifestyle, not just a turn on