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    This is a custom video, I do use the purchasers name throughout the video. The Storyline: As a nerdy girl at school I was always the teachers pet doing ANYTHING they'd ask. When I receive a note from Mr Wolf the nice Algebra teacher which informed me of a private after school class, obviously I had to go! I asked him about this as I was a bit confused about the location of the after school class because it was at the teachers address but I know he’s a great teacher and I really wanted to do anything to be head girl. Who knew I would have to ACTUALLY give head to become head girl. When I get to Sir’s he tells me to close my eyes… once they’re closed I realise that this isn’t so innocent. I feel the teachers hands putting on a PVC Blindfold, Gloves, Ballgag and leg restraints. After this - he starts to whip me! I can’t believe it, I’ve never even had sex before! This is crazy. He makes me suck his cock until he cums in my mouth. This is the first taste of cum I’ve ever had and I wasn’t that keen on it but it changed me.. I mean - I’m still a virgin its only a blow job but it turned me into a little slut. It made me SO horny I needed his cock more! I was about to lose my virginity to my teacher and that excited me! I let him fuck me in multiple positions although I was shocked when he came inside me AGAIN, not only shocked that he came once again but secondly because i'm not even on birth control. Mr. Wolf isn't done with me then... I talk him into cumming once more all over my face! I need to go to private after school classes in the future. This video contains: School Girl, Teacher, Taboo, Roleplay, Creampie, Impregnation Fantasy, Blow jobs, POV Sex, Virgin Roleplay.