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    This was a custom video - video was directed by the purchaser - I use the name 'Joe' throughout. The Storyline: Haven't you always wished to fuck the slutty popular girl in class? Especially when she comes into lesson hardly wearing anything, no bra & teasing you with a lollipop, you can't stop starring.. although this time, she catches you. Well that slut is me.. so watch as I drop my pen, teasing you when I bend over. I write you little notes and try to convince you to let me suck your dick in class. It doesn't take a lot, I mean - who wouldn't want a blow job in class? So I toss my pen under your desk and go under to pick it up then I start talking dirty & teasing you with my big tits. I pull your dick out and give you a sloppy blowjob and let you cum all over my face. After you blow your load on my face, I get up and sit through the rest of class with your cum on my face. Then I slip you one last note telling you to meet me in the bathroom for some more filthy fun. This Video contains: Blow Jobs, Uniforms, Schoolgirl, Facial, Tits, Ass, PAWG, Roleplay & Lots more