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    This is a custom video - I use the name “Jordan” throughout: The Storyline: I’m in class and I can’t help it but I just really want to flash my boyfriend, Jordan but when the professor catches me in the act and makes me stay after class for detention annoyingly. After class, I tell Jordan to go ahead, and me alone with your professor. The Professor tells me that he has photos of me masturbating in the bathroom ,and if I don’t do as he says EVERYONE in school will see them. What can I do? I can’t say no?! I don’t want everyone to see my pictures! He then tells me to refer to him as “Master” and get on my knees to suck his cock. I’m obviously surprised, It’s the first bbc you’ve ever seen. It’s fucking HUGE, I can’t even get it all in my mouth but he makes me take it all. Then he asked me to strip down and dance for him, I’ve never sexy danced for anyone before but I’ve seen them twerking on the music channels. Obviously I oblige and do anything Master says because I just don’t want people seeing those embarrassing photos of me! Everyone would know.. but I start to realise that I’m getting super turned on doing this for Master. So it doesn’t take a lot when he asked me to bend over for him, he starts fucking me into submission. (Throughout the video, the professor taunts me about how much I am enjoying cheating on my boyfriend, how much of a cum whore I am, how my boyfriend can’t satisfy me so I have to masturbate in the bathroom). It doesn’t even end there, during the fucking, all of sudden Jordan walks in and at the moment I finally break. I tell Jordan that I’m the professor’s cum whore and he’s my master, how you could never satisfy me, and I start belittling him and his penis. I tell him that he is going to stand there and watch what he’ll never have again. I’m Masters little slut now. Big thank you for Zadonius ( MV Username ) for voicing over this for me! Video Contains: Twerking, Bootyshaking, Naked, Stripteasing, Cuckolding Themes, Taboo, BBC, Interracial, Schoolgirl, Creampie, Verbal Humiliation, Submissive, Master, Sub, Blow Jobs, Doggystyle, cowgirl, CIM, Impregnation Fantasy. Censorship / Pixelation is used in the trailers only. This video is shot in 1080P at 60fps.