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    Thou Shall Not Masturbate without Sister Jones' permission. I'm sick of Danny messing around through my bible lessons, this is the last time I will let him do it. Not only is he messing around during class, he is STILL bringing in lollipops, the boy never learns! I wake him up after school so it was just me and him left at the end of class. This way I can give him true punishment but nearing Halloween my true form is starting to show. I'm not just an innocent Nun I'm actually a Succubus, A Cum loving demon who needs just one last cum load to unlock my Full powers, although, this comes with a catch - Naughty Danny gets to witness this first hand when I banish him to HELL for eternity and give him the true punishment I need to. You have Sinned Danny Boy. You need to do as you're told. I own you cock & now I will forever. Do you dare cum for Sister Jones? And spend eternity being her sex slave?... Cum & Join us in Hell... This video contains: Halloween themes, Nun, Costumes, Succubus, blow Jobs, Creampie, Dildo Fucking, Cowgirl, dildo sucking, latex, PVC, Catsuit. Demonic Voices, Contact lenses, Drool, Cumshots, Bad Dragon Cum. This was a custom video. I use the name Danny boy throughout. Music is on the trailer only. SEQUEL TO - HOLY FUCK