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    This video is a custom video - storyline was created by the purchaser - no names were used throughout. It's launch day for one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year. You and I have been waiting anxiously for this day to come and it's finally here! Both of us have taken the next few days off work. I wake up and show you that the game has come & to race me to the gaming room to see who gets to play first. Naturally I get to the room first and you take first watch.

    It’s finally your turn to play so I hand the controller to you. We start talking about different game related subjects, strategies, tactics, and theorycrafting. Eventually we start pondering why we never thought about trying to create our own indie video game. With my background in Software Engineering and yours in Interaction/UX Design, we lay out the groundwork for items or topics that would make for a great gaming experience; engaging story, gameplay, and of course a great sex scene.

    Naturally we start talking about the sex scene first, who these characters are, how they meet, and how their love and passion for each other manifests over the course of the game. We start to do some research, you agree, but I had a different kind of “research” in mind. Before you're able to grab a laptop, I tell you to slow down and just watch... Next thing you notice, i'm really close to you giving the most sensual, loving, and caring lapdance you've ever seen, occasionally flashing my boobs, pussy, and ass in a flirtatious manner while giving you different ideas we could put into the game.

    I then straddle me, locking you into the couch/chair with my arms wrapped around my neck. I continue my research further by riding you, kiss and licking you passionately on the lips, neck, and ears. I begin to grind my body against yours while I whisper the things to you in your ear. This continues until I climax several times.

    Once we’ve had a chance to cool down, we reconvene and agree that this was a perfect example of what we could include in the game.
    This video is shot in a POV Style / Beautiful Agony Loving & Very romantic Style. This has gaming themes, talk and of course teasing. This is shot in 4K and compressed to make for easy watching and downloading. Losing no 4K quality but compressed to a small file size