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    I've been watching you for a while, you sweet innocent man... although - I've noticed all you do is masturbate.. you lack a woman's touch, don't take offence, its so sweet & such a turn on to see such a pleasant young man enjoying himself. I'm not some fairy god mother, they don't exist but I am the Devil & I am here to help you.. I can grant you three wishes in return I only ask for a small favour.. I will own your cock for eternity. Theres no phasing you, you swiftly agree & you proceed to come up with your wishes which include wishing for a larger cock, a good fuck and a tit wank.. which I can give you.. I know you don't believe I'm the devil so I will show you my true form but you being the kinky guy you are this look just turns you on even more! Maybe selling your cock to the devil isn't so bad after all.. until you learn that you no longer are allowed to play or even get hard without my permission... This video was in the style of the movie 'Bedazzled' and does include: Extreme Heels, Gloves, Blow Job, Cumshots, Tit wank, Dildo Fucking, Creampie, Lingerie, Role Play