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    There’s a reason I wanted to get you alone to myself for a while now. I’ve been a bit sexually frustrated recently since I split up with my ex, and needed a bit of a release. I’ve heard a few rumours from a few girls that you know, and wanted to know if they were true. Now don’t get too can I say this...but the rumours I’ve heard are that you have a really small cock. I’ve heard that it’s pretty much just a little man clit. Can you please get it out for me, I haven’t had a good laugh in a long time. When I take a picture of your dicklette and upload it online you notice that however much you beg, I won't take it down. All your friends are now aware of your little man clit, how embarrassing! Why does this make you pre-cum? You're so pathetic, you've just cum yourself in front of a hot girl. No wonder your ex left you. ALL MY VIDEOS DO HAVE SOUND, SOUND IS JUST REMOVED ON TRAILERS