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    This was a custom video - I use the name 'Mark' throughout - Storyline was adapted from the purchaser - The Storyline: Overview: I can't believe you actually came to meet me today and you're actually cheating on your wife with me... how naughty are you!!! Well, take a seat for me. I need to get changed into my leather gear, I love dressing up but.. I'm sorry it won't be that easy, you're going to have to watch me fuck, suck and take cum from my big black friend first because... guess what - your wife employed me to spy on you, to make you feel jealous of a real man, to make you watch me fuck a huge black cock right in-front of you. I bet you didn't think this would happen did you?. It looks so good doesn't it?! Firstly I suck his cock side on then in a POV Style whilst I break the news about me spying on you then I rub my ass all over his huge shaft then ride his cock until I take his thick load of cum inside my pussy.. It's your turn now, if you want to cheat on your wife that bad, you can fuck me now. Buyers Requested storyline: was thinking of something along the lines of a scenario where I am a cheating husband and you have brought me back to your place and I think you are going to fuck me. At first you are just wearing normal "going out" clothes but then you get a phonecall and it's your fuck buddy who's a black guy with a massive cock. On the phone you say to him "I'll go get ready" and tell me you are just going to change outfits. You then emerge wearing a sexy black leather jacket, black leather bra, black leather gloves and tight wet look leggings. You also have very high heels on. Your hair and makeup has changed and you now have glossy red lipstick false eyelashes and dark eyeshadow and your hair is tied up in a sexy bun. Could you also wear silver hoop earrings like the ones in Wife Goes Black Behind Your Back? You walk in so I can see you full length. You show off your amazing body and tell me you can see why I'd cheat with you but I need to watch you and your big black stud first...Become really dominant and tell me I have to watch. Then I'd like to see you sucking the cock firstly side view as if you are looking over at me and telling me how big it is and then POV style.Keep the jacket on for a bit and then take it off during the blowjobs. For the POV one if you could the rub your sexy ass against his cock. Finally if you could do a POV of you on top fucking him with you rubbing your tits with the gloves before a cum shot? Censoring / Pixelation is only used for the trailers all censorship / pixelation is removed in the actual video. Video contains: Sex Scenes, Blow Jobs, Cuckolding, Domination, Humiliation, Interracial, IR Porn, Leather, Freddies, Red Lipstick... and lots more xxx