Mindundermaster - Ivy Aura - Possession

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    The kids are in bed, the house is quiet and Ivy Aura is bored while she babysits. Laying there on the bookshelf unnoticed after all the times she has babysat is an old Ouija board. It’s practically falling apart from scratches and the marker is brittle as she attempts to contact the spirit world, but nothing happens. She shrugs disappointingly, giving up on the idea of ghosts and spirits, but then it moves on it’s own. Just a twitch at first, was it real? Her eyes widen as it completely turns pointing across the room to the mirror hanging on the wall. Slowly she approaches, unsure what to do as she looks deep into the reflection as something appears….”Oh god….” she moans out as a wave of pleasure takes over her body “Do you like the way that feels?” asks the creature in the mirror as it appears from the darkness. It looks just like Ivy, but less innocent in it's black lingerie “Wouldn’t you like to feel this good always?” Ivy’s hand slips up under her skirt. “What… are you?” Ivy asks. “A succubus” she replies playing with the leash around her neck, “Let me enter your body. Let me possess you and I will give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.” “I…can't...” Ivy says trying to resist her lust filled urges. “You want to know endless pleasure…” “I…I…I want to know endless pleasure,” Ivy confesses, barely able to remain standing as her legs shake and her juices roll down her thigh. “You want to cum don’t you?” “Yes! Please, please let me cum” she begs the succubus “Beg me to enter you. Beg to have me inside you” “Please…please enter me. I want you inside me. I want to know endless pleasure. Use me. Control my body, just please let me cum. Please!“ Ivy begs before her mind is flooded with pleasure from a climax like no other. __________ “Your wife's upstairs,” a desperately hungry Ivy says as she stalks the husband. “Can I ask you something? Do you ever think about me?” His eyes scan her young body, of course he thinks about her. Imagining how her tight firm ass would feel in his hands…what her perky tits would taste like….“I see the way you look at me when your wife is out of the room. It’s ok. She’s upstairs” Ivy whispers as she puts her hand on his chest, “I think about you. I think about you all the time sir.” He pulls away as she moves closer, weakly saying “no…” but she grabs his hand and guides him to the sofa as she kneels in front of him. “Please sir. I’ll be quiet. I’ll be a good girl. I just need to taste you, any part of you.” She takes his thumb into her mouth sucking gently at first, then deeper and deeper until she gags, displaying for him her lack of a gag reflex. She moans and sucks with desperation as her need for cum builds. “Thank you sir. Thank you for letting me taste you.” she submissively whispers looking up at him. His cock is growing hard as this sexy little co-ed begs to please him…his mind is hazy from all the drinks earlier. She begins kissing him, kissing his neck, pressing her body against him. “Touch me sir. Touch m...