Mindundermaster - Carmen Caliente - Club Rules

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    Carmen takes Chad in the VIP at the club assuming he's just another sucker she'll slowly pull money from and the moment he lets his hands drift onto her perfect ass, she pushes them away. "No touching, the bouncers will kick you out". "Another dance?" she asks hoping to pull more money from him, but when she starts doing nothing but shaking her butt in his face, Chad takes out his phone and shows her a short simple little video. Her mind goes blank instantly and he's quickly rewiring her thoughts to focus on his pleasure. Not only will she give him the lapdance of his life, she'll fuck him back there. When she wakes she's all over him, pulling his hands onto her body and grinding on his crotch desperate to get him hard. "Can I suck your cock?" she begs. "I don't know, I don't want to get kicked out" Chad responds sarcastically. "I'll take the blame, I promise no one will know" she stammers desperate to have his cock in her mouth now. She's so grateful when he lets her service him with her mouth, thanking him and profusely as she drools all over his member. But when a song ends she doesn't know what to do. "Do you want another song?" she begs "I don't really have anymore money" Chad explains, but before he can even start putting his pants on she's begging to do it for free. "Just please, please stay back here with me." Soon she's begging for his cock inside her, "What if I gave you your money back?" she pleads. "I'll give you all your money back and you can have me." Chad is fine with this arrangement and pulls her panties down. He covers her mouth as he does whatever he wants with her tight little stripper body. She begs him for permission to cum and she has to cover her mouth to avoid screaming with pleasure. But when he flips her over and pounds her doggie style she starts to lose her mind, nothing matters anymore, nothing but this feeling. When he cums all over her ass she scoops some into her hand and licks it up. She'd have never done that thirty minutes ago, but now she's begging for this stranger to please come back tomorrow. "I'll do this everytime" she says while cleaning his cock. "Why don't you come back to my place after you get off?" Chad asks her "But bring some of your dancer friends with you." "Anything you want!" she replies kissing his cock lovingly