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    When Lily is approached by a stranger for directions she's happy to help. "It's difficult to read," he explains but as she stare into it she quickly becomes captivated by the app on his phone. "You like looking at it don't you?" he suggests and she nods in agreement, she does like looking at it. She continues to listens intently to his suggestions as she guides him home without ever looking up from the phone. "I should thank you for helping me," he suggests, "I'll give you the thing you want most in life, which is to suck my cock." Again she nods, that IS why she wants most in life. "When we get back to my place just ask for it and I'll give it to you...." Next thing she knows she's on her knees in his apartment begging to suck his cock. She doesn't even know his name, but she knows she needs to taste him. She takes his fingers into her mouth showing him what a good little cock sucker she can be and soon she had her reward in her mouth. She thanks him profusely for letting her pleasure him. "What about your boyfriend?" he asks "What about him?" she replies. How could he boyfriend compare to such a perfect cock? She's never felt this way before, but she's getting desperate to taste his cum. She begs like a good girl getting his cock slippery with spit as she pleads with him to feed her until she's finally rewarded with a warm load in her mouth