Mindundermaster - Daddy's Cure: Part 1

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    Lily's been sick and finds herself stuck with her stepdad who works from home. He makes her a home remedy promising that she'll feel better soon. It looks and tastes awful but she takes her medicine like a good girl. Her friend calls as the medicine start kicking in and Lily finds her thoughts drifting to her stepdad as her hand slips into her panties. She catches herself and hangs up, but she still can't rest. Her pussy is just too wet and she needs to cum. "Why can't I stop thinking about my stepdad?" she says as she plays with herself. "Just this once...I'll just think about him this one time..." she says as she indulges in her fantasy. "Please daddy. I'll be a good girl. Mommy does't have to know. I'll keep it a secret. I won't tell mommy. Please daddy" she begs as she builds herself to a climax. "Thank you daddy," she whispers as she drift off. "Thank you daddy," she says as her stepfather hands her another dose of medicine. "Wait daddy, can you stay with me?" she begs. She spoons up next to him in bed, her hand rubbing his chest as she grinds against him. "Is it ok if I call you daddy? I won't do it in front of mommy. It can be our little secret, I like having secrets with you daddy" she says while she becomes more and more turned on. "Daddy, can I kiss you?" she begs before putting her lips on him. "You taste so good daddy" she confesses. So good that she needs to taste his cock. "You deserve so much more than my mom," Lily says as she gets him hard, "when my mom leaves you alone I'll be right there to take care of you. With my mouth and my hands and my pussy. And anything else you want." She sucks and rubs his cock on her face as she pledges her devotion to him. "I like being a good little princess for you daddy. I just want to please you everyday. This is right where I belong, on my knees worshiping you, worshiping your cock." Soon daddy's helping her take his cock down her throat as she gags "Thank you daddy" she says coming up for air. She sucks and spits and drools all over his cock as she pleasures him. She'll do anything anytime as she promises to pleasure him whenever her mom isn't around, "After mom goes to bed, you can wake me up in the middle of the night and I'll do it then. And them when mom's at work. Or when mom's at the store or out with friends. I'll make mom leave all the time just so I can have this in my mouth. Just so I can pleasure you" She starts getting desperate for her step daddy's cum and begs for his cum, sobering all over his cock. "I want every last drop. I just want to be a good little fucktoy for you. I just want to worship your cock, worship you. And taste you cum. Please daddy." She cries as she needs it so badly, her voice cracking as she begs, "Mommy's not going to find out, she'll never know. Please daddy, I need your cum. I love worshiping you daddy..." She desperately begs until he blows his load for her. "Your cum taste so good daddy, I just want so much more"