Mindundermaster - Hannah Hays Nia Nacci - As You Wish: 2

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Mindundermaster - Hannah Hays Nia Nacci - As You Wish: 2 - Cover
Mindundermaster - Hannah Hays Nia Nacci - As You Wish: 2 - Cover 2
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    Ever since her stepfather gave her the magic lamp Hannah’s been obsessed with pleasing him, but daddy's been reluctant to let her continue pleasuring him telling her that it was wrong. She cried all night and begged the lamp to help her. It told her to show the light to her friends.... Her best friend Nia was the obvious choice since her stepfather’s eyes would always sneak glances at Nia perfect eighteen year old DDs. Hannah whispers into her ear as the lamp’s magic cause Nia to fall in love with her stepdad. "You are in love with my stepfather" Hannah whisper, "Your eighteen year old body is meant for daddy's pleasure" "You want him, you need him, you worship him" Once the programming is complete the new "sisters" share a kiss and begin to undress each other. "Thank you” Nia whispers as she goes down as Hannah. "I love you daddy” Hannah moans as Nia teases her clit. “I love you daddy, I love you daddy” Nia repeats as Hannah tastes her pussy for the first time. "Let's get you ready for daddy” Hannah says after making her friend cum. They both know that this isn’t enough, that they need their daddy if they truly want to feel good. Daddy walks in to find the girls posed on the bed waiting for him. "Hi Daddy" Nia says seductively. “We just want to please you” Hannah adds as he watches their hands tease the hem of their tiny little cheer uniforms. “We won’t tell anyone” Nia promises, her big beautiful brown eye looking up at him. He can't resist. He’s dreamed about this, Nia laying on her back a he thrust his cock between her big natural eighteen year old tits. “Thank you daddy” she moans up at him as Hannah kisses his neck. Nia spits and drools making sure to keep daddy's cock nice, “I love you daddy” she says with totally devotion in her eyes. He can’t believe this is happening. Two eighteen year olds begging to pleasure him, thanking him for using them. He feels like its a dream. The girls both flip over onto their hands and knees for daddy. His new "little girl" is first and he pushes himself into Nia's tight young pussy. “We love you daddy,” Hannah whispers as she kisses him before he pushes her back down. His stepdaughter is just as tight as her friend and she begs for more as he uses her. “Thank you daddy” she moans as Nia spoons up beside him. Hannah is nearly in tears she’s so happy to finally have daddy inside her. He finally realizes how much she loves him, how happy she can make him. After the girls take turn riding daddy’s cock they wrap themselves around his legs and beg for his cum. "We won't tell anyone" "It'll be our little secret daddy" "We'll be such good girls for you daddy&quot