Mindundermaster - Anastasia Knight - Trance Therapy

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    Anastasia Knight is seeing a trance therapist to deal with her anger issues about her new stepfather. He's a loser and she always catches him looking at her The doctor knows just what to do. She stares into his light and is hit with images and thoughts she didn't know she had. "How long have you been attracted to your stepfather?" the doctor asks. "I'm not attracted to him...." she replies but is hit with another wave of implanted thoughts. "I've always been attracted to him..." she finally admits. "Let do some roleplaying," the doctor says, "Pretend I'm you stepfather, what should you call me?" "Daddy?" "Good girl" "Thank you daddy" The doctor has her get on her knees and beg for the stepfather's attentions. She pleads into his camera begging to pleasure her daddy, wanting to sneak in his room and blow him while mom right next to them. She could suck his cock on the way to school...he can cum on her braces, she knows he likes them, likes how innocent they make her look. After having her strip and implanting the last of her programming the doctor send her home. ____ The next day they discuss how her flirting is going with her stepfather. She needs some more help from the doctor. He tells her to put on the outfit he left in the other room, when she returns she's dressed like a little stripper schoolgirl and she's ready to bring her daddy pleasure. [ASMR] She kisses and caresses him as she whispers in his ear, eventually falling to her knees and sucking his cock. But when some of her sit falls to the floor she asks, "Do you want me to lick it up daddy?" "That's what god girls do" the doctor replies and watches and she gets on all fours to lick up her own spit. She's ready so he takes her to his bed and lets her slobber all over his cock. She spits on it over and over again making sure it's nice and slick, just the way daddy wants it. She begs and pleads for his attention as she pleasures him. She puts his cock between her little 18 teem year old tits and rubs it on her braces until he's finally ready to blow his load all over her pretty metal mouth