Mindundermaster - Hannah, Nia, Aria, Alice - As You Wish 3

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Mindundermaster - Hannah, Nia, Aria, Alice - As You Wish 3 - Cover Mindundermaster - Hannah, Nia, Aria, Alice - As You Wish 3 - Cover 2 Mindundermaster - Hannah, Nia, Aria, Alice - As You Wish 3 - Cover 3 Mindundermaster - Hannah, Nia, Aria, Alice - As You Wish 3 - Screenlist
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    Hannah won't stop at just using the lamp to make Nia fall in love, she'll keep going until her stepfather is completely satisfied at all times. She used the power of the lamp to make two more girls from her cheer team far in love with her daddy. All four of them send daddy a video begging him to use them, to let them pleasure him all the time...all at once. "It'll be our secret. Don't you like secrets daddy?" Hannah asks in her video. With her mother gone for the weekend Hannah invites them over to surpass daddy when he gets home from work. He walks into them, allowing them to surround him with their young bodies. He knows its wrong, but how can he resist? Four eighteen year old girls devoted to one thing, bringing him pleasure. They kiss him all over, telling him how much they love him, how much he deserves to have four young girls pleasuring him. They strip off him clothes, Hanna and Nia drop to their knees and start sucking his cock while Aria and Alice kiss him, "We just want to make you feel good daddy. We love you so much."They switch and Nia and Hanna caresses daddy's chest as his new fucktoys suck his cock together. "I told you I'd make you happy daddy" Hannah whispers. Soon they're all on their knees worshipping his cock and stripping out of their cheer uniforms. Mia wraps he big tits around daddy's cock and says "I missed having your cock between my tits daddy." The girls go back and forth from sucking his cock to kissing him all over to feeding him their tits all while begging to be his fucktoys. "Mom's gone all weekend daddy. We can do this everyday" Hannah tells him, "Would you like that daddy?" He would like that as he lays back and enjoys having them worship him as they wrap themselves around him sucking on his and declaring their devotion to him never noticing how much time passes as the sun goes down. Soon he has them all on their knees, begging for him to cum on their little faces. They cheer with excitement when he busts his load. "Thank you daddy" they repeat as they reach up at his chest like he's a god. There's no going back now. There's no way he won't keep using them. There's no way he won't start using the lamp on more girls. His harem has just begun
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