Mindundermaster - Lily Rader - House Pet

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    Lily Rader thinks she's home alone all weekend, but someone is watching her and secretly recording her. When he makes his move he finds her napping on the sofa. He brushes her hair back, runs his fingers over her thigh and unbuttons her pants. She stirs, but doesn't react until he presses his thumb against her temple. She is hit with a wave of pleasure and he begins giving her commands. "Slide your hand into your pants". She obeys as he implants his desires into her mind "You're going to let me in when I knock". "I'm going to let you in" she repeats. "You're going to be a fucktoy for the weekend" -- "I'm going to be your fucktoy for the weekend" she repeats. He returns her to her nap and walks away. Lily hears a knock at the door. Some strange man is standing there with a camera "Hold Still" he says and touches her forehead taking control of her mind once more. "You love having me inside your mind" -- "I love having you inside my mind" -- "Walk downstair and strip off your clothes while you do" She descends into the basement and he follows. Once completely naked he has her beg to suck his cock. "Please let me taste you" she pleads. He lets her prove herself and she goes to work slobbering all over his cock, spit falling to the floor a she desperately tries tome please him. After he comes in her mouth he begins training. He puts a leash on her and she poses for him by the fire, repeatedly her submissive commands. She strips for him. She sucks him off while he eats. She rides him. She gets fucked from behind as she says "I'm your good little girl" On his last night there he find her crying, "What's the matter pet?" he asks stroking her hair. "I don't want you to go" she whimpers. "I'll come back, do you want to be fed again?" he asks. "Yes master, I'm so hungry" She sucks him off again, begging for him to take her when he goes. She promises to be a good pet, she won't runaway, she plays well with other pets, she'll be so good she begs as tears well in her eyes. She's so desperate for his cum, to make him happy as she begs and begs until he feeds her one more load