Mindundermaster - Aspen Romanoff Hime Marie - Music Video

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    Aspen and Hime are dancing to the rhythm of the track. Their hands roma over each other as they roll their bodies to the beat getting closer and closer to each other. “You feel so fucking good” Hime moans as she plays with Aspen’s big tits “I can’t stop touching you” Aspen responds. “Where are we?” Hime asks forgetting how they even got here, the music making it hard for her to think. “Music Video silly” Aspen responds before pushing her friend onto a sofa and kissing up her body. “But if this is a music video, where’s the band?” Hime says continuing to try and make sense of it all. “Let’s ask the producer” Aspen says with a smile. Before she even realizes it she’s kissing and rubbing the producer’s cock, his hand squeezing her firm ass as Aspen adores him from the other side. But she pulls back, “Wait if this is a music video where are the cameras?” Aspen doesn’t give her long to think about it as she pull her close so they can both kiss the producer together. They’ve never tasted anything so good in their lives, their tongues dance around his mouth as they desperately lick to savor more of him. “You taste so good” Hime whispers in his ear, “I can’t stop”. “Let us taste every inch of you” Aspen begs “Thank you master” Aspen moans, it sounds so natural to call him that with all the pleasure he’s giving them. “I’m gonna cum just from your sucking my nipples”. Hime can’t believe she’s deep throating a man she just met but she just can’t stop herself. When she finally comes up for her drool spills from her lips, “Why is my mouth tingling?” she whispers in his ear, “Who are you?” she asks but doesn’t wait for an answer…she needs to taste his mouth again. No…she stops herself “Aspen we have to stop, he’s doing something to us” she pleads with her friend. “I know doesn’t feel amazing? Share him with me,” Aspen begs her friend, but Hime knows she has to resist…she just needs to clear her head she thinks as she falls back on the floor watching Aspen pleasure her new master. Maybe if she just plays with herself…just stop tasting him. Stop pleasuring him. But her friend looks so good with his cock in her mouth, she looks so happy milking him. “Fuck I need daddy’s cock” Hime whimpers as she touches her dripping wet pussy. “Thank you master” Aspen says as she quickens her pace hoping to get her mouth filled with cum. “No” Hime moans out on edge, “Don’t let him cum….” But it’s too late. He points at her and Aspen crawls over to her friend. Hime shakes her head, but she can’t resist, she can smell his load she wants it and she lets her friend pour it into her waiting mouth. After her climax passes she looks up, her eyes filled with lust. Why had she resisted? Why wouldn’t she want to feel this way always? “I’m so sorry I resisted you master” she says taking his cock into her mouth again, “I didn’t realize how good you could make me feel. I’m sorry I was a bad girl. I want to be a good girl for you”. “Look at her master, she can’t control herself. She’s so desp...