Roxy Cox - Lara finds her daddy

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    Lara is out exploring in the middle of one of her adventures. Suddenly she wakes up in a room with things she never saw before in her life and there is a guy staring at her. Lara pulls her guns out and points them both at the guy. Over the years she encountered alot of weird stuff but this is the most fucked up yet. She demands to know what is going on and the guy tells her that he is her daddy. That is absurd she has been looking for her father for years and this guy looks nothing like him. She gets angry and has no time for this bullshit. Threatening him with her guns she asks him for a reasonable explanation and while she tells him this, she comes to the realization that this guy really is her father .... no her daddy (The guy has mind manipulation powers to make her believe he is her father) She falls to her knees and is so sorry that she threatened him with her guns, she tosses the guns aside and apologizes, she wants to make it up to him. Daddy wants her to suck his cock like a good girl. Lara is happy to do so and sucks him off deepthroating his cock, she gets so horny that she pulls down her shorts and starts playing with her pussy. She wants to show daddy how much she has missed him and take his big fat dick deep in her pussy. Lara looks so pleased get fucked and filled by her daddy's cock so much that she want's to feel him in her ass too. Bending over so she can get her ass pounded by daddy, telling him to fuck her. Finally she gets on her knees again and tells daddy how much she wants his cum all over her face and a big load in her mouth with she happily plays with and dribbles and licks all his cum off her hands savouring the taste. Lara does not need to go on any more adventures she's happy to have daddy back and be his good girl. */ Here you can add some daddy themed sex scenes. You can go with the "standard" BJ, pussy, ass- scenes or do something you want. The idea is the strong Lara Croft changes to a submissive daddy girl. She missed him so much over the passed few years, she learned some new "tricks" and her boobs got much bigger so much to show him. In the end Lara Croft does not need any more adventuring, she found her daddy. Now she can stay at home and be daddy good girl