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    I understand your wife and you have been trying for a baby for quite some time now. Well I have your semen analysis here, and it’s very interesting. I’d like to give you a physical examination to make sure there are no abnormalities that are inhibiting you from impregnating your wife…. You see, your sperm is more than viable. You have the highest sperm count and the most potent semen I’ve ever seen. I’ve run it through my database of DNA testing… and this is the most genetically superior semen I’ve come across in my many years of running this fertility clinic. Tell me… do you engage in more coitus when your wife is ovulating? Well you would know if she were ovulating if…well for instance I’m ovulating right now. So you might notice that I have a certain scent… that my skin is warmer than non-ovulating women. You might notice that you feel drawn to me a bit… when your wife ovulates do you have the urge to fuck her harder? I imagine with your high sperm count your sexual drive is much higher than average men. You never feel that way with your wife? You don’t notice that you can’t resist the urge to fuck her? Hmm… oh heheh don’t be embarrassed about your erection, it happens all the time in my examinations. Well it looks like everything is functioning quite well…so from the looks of things it seems that your wife is to blame for not getting pregnant. She must not be ovulating. That must be frustrating for you… with your potent semen… you probably have an insane urge to spread your superior DNA… I’ve never seen anything like it… can I taste it? Mmmm. It’s not your fault that she can’t conceive a baby for you. Why should you suffer for her biological shortcomings? I’ve been waiting for someone like you for a long time. Feel my skin…can you feel it? It’s so hot, my pussy is so wet. My body is ready to be inseminated. My precious eggs just begging to be fertilized. You won’t have to do anything…just give me that perfect semen of yours… Fuck me with your bare cock and cum with the satisfaction of knowing you impregnated me. You’re going to be a daddy. Breed Me. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your fertility doctor has gone through your semen analysis, and it turns out you have the most genetically superior jizz she’s ever seen. You can feel the tension in the room…You can smell her fertile pussy. You feel the primal urge to breed. You can’t help it… your body just takes over. You want to cum deep inside her cervix… you want to breed her. And this ovulating sex bomb is more than ready to be inseminated. **Impregnation Fantasy. Home Wrecker. Medical Fetish. Naughty Doctor. Cream Pie. Breeding