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    I hired a new butler. The old one was so old… It was depressing looking at him. The new one is much more appealing. He also has some very special job skills. Oh Damen!!! Could you please fill my glass with some more of that delicious sparkling rosé? See? He’s positively dreamy isn’t he? I interviewed him myself this morning. Now darling there’s something else we need to discuss. Lately you’ve been quite the cold fish in the bedroom. Sssh You don’t need to say anything my love. I’m your wife, I know you better than anyone. I know you need something that I simply cannot give you. Something that only a man like Damen here can give you. It is a new age after all, and we’re both adults…There’s no reason for both of us to deny ourselves of what we truly want. We can both have what we want. We both crave big, delicious, beautiful cock. And as your dutiful wife…I can procure all the big cock that we like. But I’ll want some things in return. You know what they say, “Happy wife, Happy Life”. I can see you shaking. I know how badly you want this. I know how much you want to suck big dick. Come here and let me show you what you need. Don’t you want to see Damen’s resumé? Now open your mouth and suck this giant cock. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your new wife is more woman than you can handle. She wants all the things that your wealth has to offer her. She knows your dark secret, that you secretly long to suck big dick… and she doesn’t care. In fact, she’s willing to support your cock addiction, as long as you support her in the manner in which she prefers…and as long as she can have all the big cock that she too desires. She’s hired a new butler, a big, tall handsome man. She rubs her hand over his trousers, she’s tempting you. You feel weak, you had no idea how much you wanted this. She unzips his pants and unleashes his giant cock. Now open up your little faggot mouth and suck that dick. **Cuckolding, Imposed Bi, Cock Sucking Instructions. Bisexual