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Little Puck - KiM and SHEGO CUMSLUT CORRUPTiON - Cover
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    In the case of Kim and Shego, opposites attract but there's one thing they have in common: How Fucking Bad They Need Cock Stuffing their Greedy Little Holes! These rivals battle for your affections, sucking and gagging on your cock, trash talking and flirting with each other while giving you the sloppiest nastiest blowjob. You can't help but nut all over their faces and in their eager subby sluttish haze they lick it off each other's tongues, lapping like hungry alley cats. Shego gets firsts dibs on Mr. Possible's cock (your virtual dick) and Kim spreads her ass open so you can see everything up close while you pound her tight pussy doggystyle. But Shego's sexual prowess can't be contained by one gender...she needs to dominate Kim's cunt too. She experiments on her with a New Kind of Monster Dildo cooked up in the lab with Dr. Drakken, domming and encouraging and pushing Kim around like the Evil Hot Mommy she's always wanted. Shego stuffs her fingers in Kim's mouth and gropes her big tits and makes Kim cry out that she's her little bitch while Kim fucks her cunt hard. Kim goes ahegao and Shego gives her a special load and she makes her slut spill a huge creampie from her pussy. Satisfied with her power over Kim, Shego goes right back to your dick, milking one last nut from you while Kim cums hard! (watch for the mini squirt!) Featuring Reina Pop! Follow her here: @itsreiinapop. Featuring two facials, a creampie, girl/girl, bisexual, bad dragon, moaning, sensual domination, pov blowjob, pov doggystyle dildo fucking, tit groping and slapping, switch, cosplay, kim possible, dungeon. This vid is the same premise as Kim and Shego Cum Desperation but with completely different footage and added scenes (pov doggystyle, bad dragon fucking, more facials, pussy creampie, kim being dommed, etc