Roxy Cox - Cumslut for Bad Dragon

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    I've rounded up a group of beautiful ladies for a party, wearing my sexy tight dress I welcome them all and invite them to take a seat and have some of the refreshments I have prepared. They all take a sip and it's really cum I have prepared in those refreshments, once they taste it they start getting horny and want more. All they can think about is cock and cum. I'm going to train these bitches to be good little sluts and show them how to fuck their bad dragon toys. Starting off be pulling out those tits, I'm going to show you how to suck properly and give a blowjob. You have to take that cock deep down your throats, I want to hear you gag on it. On your knees jerking and sucking at the same time just greedy for more cum. Then I get you all to strip out of you dresses, your going to take that cock deep in your pussy, getting fucked hard and riding on top until you get your little cunts filled up with all that tasty cum. A huge creampie dripping out and you love to taste that cum, smell it, lick it, eat it it's so good. You love that sticky hot mess and rubbing it over your hot body. Now you all want it in your ass, the dragon toys are all possessed and take control of you and your bodies. The voice is telling you to take it in your ass and you want to be anal sluts. Filling your ass with your bad dragon, yes that's it the dick is controlling you and you want that cock and cum. You ass is going to get creampied multiple times and your going to collect the cum in the bowl beside you. Take a big load in your asses and then push it out and let it flow into the bowl collecting precious cum. Now swap bowls with the girl next to you, your going to eat that cum. Swirl it around your mouths to savour the taste and your going to swallow and then take another load. You love cum so much eating it out of that bowl like a hungry cumslut gulping it down