Little Puck - Juicy Fart and Cum

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    I wriggle my shiny bum in neon fishnets and thrust my butt back and forth in your face. God, I wanna suck all my ripe smells off your cock! I let a huge juicy fart rip and rub and wipe my fingers on my asshole so I can suck my dirty ass off my my finger slides out I let another fart bubble out...I'm pulling my farts out! I laugh and have fun with my asshole, I love the feeling of gas erupting from my tight butthole! I then sit down with my toes curled in the air and spread my ass so you have a hot af hd view of my fart hole as I lick the air and my fingers of all my smells! Pressing on my hole like it's a fart button and tasting myself turns me on…I talk very intimately about my hole and my filthy desires...I love telling you how dirty I am. I wink my hole at you and rub my pussy and moan, you can tell how badly I need to soon as I do I release a final air horn toot and giggle happily. Featuring neon fishnet bodysuit, gorgeous natural light, bubbly toots, juicy farts, airy ass gas...all for us to enjoy together! (10+ farts
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