ImMeganLive - LIVE FARTSkype Vol. 3

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ImMeganLive - LIVE FARTSkype Vol. 3 - Cover
ImMeganLive - LIVE FARTSkype Vol. 3 - Cover 2
ImMeganLive - LIVE FARTSkype Vol. 3 - Cover 3
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    Hey fart lover! This is the third volume of my Live Skype Farts. In this one I will fart in different pair of jeans and in different positions as well. I will fart in panties, butt naked, ass spread out. I will sometimes be topless, sometimes with a nice top. I will even play with my pussy while farting! I will give you every single details on how they smell, how they feel, what I ate that makes my fart so bubbly, loud and smelly. I'll even speak a little bit in French for the pleasure of your ears . And finally, you'll even get my Halloween special, when I was dress as a bunny. I'm sure you never saw a girl dressed in a sexy playboy bunny fart ever before! So this is my third fart edition of farting on live cam shows on Skype and Discord! Nothing censored, all genuine pure stinky loud and bubbly farts! Different positions as well! KEYWORDS: FARTING, Fart, ASS FETISH, ASS SPREADING, AMATEUR, ass worship, FETISH, solo, flatulence, ass smelling, ass sniffing, ass spreading, eating, pet, fart, asshole, asshole fetish, blue jeans, fetish, taboo, POV, jeans, twerking, peteuse, prout