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    Gawrsh, you’ve had a fat boner for Roxanne as long as you can remember, and boy, does she look stunning for Picture Day! You two tease each other a bit in the hallway before class and she shows off her outfit, a crop top and shorts that hug her curves in all the right can’t help but fall into a daydream of fucking her doggy in a tight wet dress as she moans for you, “Daddy! Fuck Me!” You imagine her riding you cowgirl and a big fat nut spilling out her pussy as she squeals for more...suddenly, you’re jolted back into reality when Roxanne gets right in your face and snaps her fingers. She laughs at your goofy expression and says she needs your help with a favor...she demands you turn around but you can’t help but ignore her request and watch as your beloved Roxanne changes into the tiniest jean short thong you ever did see! She tells you she wants people to remember her big personality as she thrusts her ass in your face… “I wanna finish Senior Year with a BANG! Do you know what I mean?” She teases you with her ass some more than suddenly flashes you! Her tits bounce as she smiles wide and begs you to let her suck your dick! HOLY HYUCK! Is this really happening?? She sits in the school desk while giving you the sexiest fucking blowjob on your big hard cock and she surprises you as she starts calling you Daddy and begging for your nut! Her mouth is so wet on your cock and it throbs as she gags on you and squeals for Daddy! She wants everyone to know what a dirty slut she is and she writes “Daddy’s Toy” and “Dirty Slut” on her body while fingering herself hard begging for your cock in her tight little pussy. You flip her around and fuck her doggy, just like in your daydream!! but this time it’s way more intense...Roxanne isn’t the shy girl you thought you knew...she’s a huge fucking slut! And you love every wet hot minute of it. When you finally can’t stand it anymore, you give her a huge cum load all over her face just in time for Picture Day! Featuring facial, two cumshots, creampie, blowjob, dildo sucking, doggystyle fucking, cowgirl riding, dirty talk, cartoon fantasy fuck, cartoons, goofy movie, cosplay, bbc, black dildo, big dildo, roleplay, schooldesk, crush fantasy, flirting, teasing, seduction, body writing, slut degradation, submissive slut, daddy’s toy, calling you daddy