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    Your Best Friend Forever is a nasty freak just like you, that’s one reason you are such good friends...and fuck buddies. She can’t help her perverted desires and has to fantasize about them with you, but this time you’re front and center in her fantasies...along with That Other Girl. She’s never named, she could be your girlfriend, your sister, your crush, your soulmate...imagine whoever you wish, but in this vid just know your Bff is gonna imagine all the wild freaky things you’re gonna do to Her...and she’s gonna help. Your Bff fingers her ass and strokes and sucks your cock while talking dirty...“Tonguefuck my little asshole...I know you the love the taste...but just imagine Her sweet ass, think about sucking on it...god, it’s just waiting to be poked and gaped.” Your Bff spreads her ass and fingers her butt while dirty talking about you sliding your cock right into Her ass. “Fuck, she’s gonna have the sweetest tightest fuckholes for you. I wanna kiss your cock off her mouth while you tonguefuck her ass.” Your Bff goes ass to mouth tasting her sweet butt while fantasizing about the nasty things you two could do to Her together. She begs for your tongue in her asshole and you give it to her until she’s so hungry for more she wants your butthole too. You’re just so into how hot she is and how much you wanna feel her freaky tongue inside you while you imagine That Other you let her. Your Bff sucks on your cock while she pats your asshole with her finger, teasing you as she paws at your butt and prepares you for her long hungry tongue rooting around in your butthole. She tells you that she’ll only suck your butt if you think about Her and every nasty thing you want to do to Her. She spits deep in your butt and sticks out her sloppy wet tongue and moans as she digs around and gets your butt taste all over her tongue. She looks wide-eyed as she makes you her vulnerable butt buddy. “Your butt is all mine, but your cock is all Hers.” Your Bff slides her hand up and down your hard cock and says every thing your horny dick wants to hear as she strokes you and eats your asshole out. You fucking love your Bff’s rusty trombone skills as she begs you to be good and fuck The Other Girl’s Butt and Tight Little Cunt And Mouth….your Bff needs to see you fuck Her. So Bad