Little Puck - Daddys Little Psychonymph

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    Hi, Daddy! Your sweet little girl gets off the phone and greets you as she flounces down the stairs...”Mommy’s gone away for awhile so what are we gonna do with this special daddy daughter time? Tell you what….I have a secret for you, Daddy. During sleepovers with my girlfriends, my biology class, and sucking boy’s dicks during recess, I’ve learned a few things...I’ve learned why I get flushed all over when I look at you, Daddy. It’s because I Want You, I’ve Wanted You For As Long As I Can Remember. What’s that weird look on your face?? Don’t you want me too? I mean, it’s not like you have a choice, anyway.” Your precious little girl pulls a tied off condom full of semen out of her tight crop top...she’s been collecting your cum and squeezing it out on her clothes & bedsheets. “The evidence is already there, how about we just make this fantasy a reality and I fuck my dad, for real.” Your sweet baby girl pulls off your boxers and with lots of adjusting finally gets your big daddy cock inside her. She rides you cowgirl with sooo much pleasure as she moans and smiles big and talks dirty to the love of her life. She switches around and rides you reverse cowgirl for awhile and then sucks off your cock to get you sooo hard before you pound her in doggy and make her cum. She begs you to flip over her in missionary because she wants to see your face as you cum….and just as you’re about to pull out...your filthy little girl has an INSANELY FUCKED UP SURPRISE FOR YOU. Whatever could she have done!?! Featuring impregnation fantasy, blackmail fantasy, daddy’s little girl, pig tails, stockings, dirty talk, lots of angles and positions, virtual missionary, pov doggystyle, pov cowgirl and pov reverse cowgirl, roleplay, nymphomaniac, begging, moaning, creampie