Little Puck - Big Sis Knows Your Dirty Secret

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    ...”Omg you can’t hide it, you fucking pervert….i know what you do...what you stink! You love your big sister’s sweaty butt!" So guess what I did ALL day today….I wore my butt plug! I figured we both could use a sweet treat..." Your big sis pulls down her gym shorts and toys with her hot wet stinky booty toy and shoves it in your face for a lil whiff. Then she pulls out a ring pop and teases you with it as she sticks it inside her ass and plays with it. "I can do whatever I want to’re addicted to my smell! You try to go to bed with your face right next to my butt...your nose will be as close to my ass crack as possible, you filthy boy! " Your big sis spreads her ass and keeps toying with you...flaunting all her body parts and teasing you with how much control she has over you….”i’m like basically you’re first girlfriend!” she teases. “Maybe some day you’ll actually get to lick me...” She sticks her finger in her ass crack and licks it and giggles at how good she tastes! She begins rubbing her pussy now….excited and horny and then flips over on the bed with her shorts around her butt laughing at how you want to mount her...she eventually pulls them off all the way and plays with her butt some more, sticking her legs in the air..."I know you want to get right up in that little butthole little brother…." Featuring big sister, little brother, teasing, taboo roleplay, sensual domination, ass worship, ass smelling, ass to mouth, butt plug, rimming teasing, smell fetish, ass spreading, strip teasing, gym shorts, gym bra, workout outfit, dirty talk.
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