Little Puck - CUM IN YOUR WIFEs LiL SiS

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    Your wife’s lil sis is wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit, teasing you about being part of her family now, asking you if she’s as cute as her big sis, your wife. She swears her sister won’t catch you looking when she pulls her perky tits out of her top, she wants you to compare her breasts with your wife's... “Do u think my boobs are as good as hers?” Your wife comes back in and she quickly covers up and begs her sister to go make her food so she can spend more time showing off her body to you. She reassures you that it’s okay, that your family now and that it isn’t cheating if you’re just looking. She makes you sit down and wriggles her tight firm ass in your face declaring that she’s sexually mature now and that she can wear whatever itsy bitsy thing she wants around your house because her sister doesn’t think of her as a sexually mature girl, a horny lil slut who wants to steal her man for a night. Your cock is growing so fucking hard as your shameful daydreams come to life right before your eyes, your wife’s lil sis is such a fucking nasty lil whore and she Wants You Bad. As soon as your wife heads off to bed, your lil sister in law talks you into a gloriously adulterous can’t be cheating if she’s the one pressuring you and doing all the work sucking and slobbering all over your aching cock...right? She gags and spit flies everywhere, dribbling off her chin as she begs you to gape her tight cunt out and make her feel your dick imprint in her for days. She’s wanted you for sooo long and you’ve never felt a more eager more filthy mouth suck on you...the things she’s saying to you…they’re so fucking dirty and you can’t get enough of your new secret lil cockwhore. She starts ragging really hard on her sister, her pussy is too loose, she doesn’t take care of yourself, she’s let herself go, she would Never let u do the fucked up fantasies that your lil sister in law wants you to do to her. She begs for your cumload and you release HUGE loads all over her face and she rubs it into her tits...but it isn’t enough for her, she’s a thirsty lil fuckslut and she wants to you to completely own her “Why don’t you rub your cock in it and fuck it into my cunt and cum in me so more?” You can’t control your cock it’s still so hard and aching for your wife’s lil sister’s tight lil pussy...and she just makes it even harder when she begs you to leave your wife and be her Daddy instead. She’s such a bad girl and she needs to be fucked until she’s a good lil dolly...don’t you wanna be her Daddy and punish her pussy so good? Featuring dildo fucking in missionary position, pov blowjob, 3 cumshots, deepthroat gagging, incredibly filthy dirty talk, fingering til orgasm, schoolgirl outfit, taboo roleplay, older man younger woman roleplay, ass teasing, boob teasing, Daddy talk, homewrecker