KimberleyJx - You Got a Friend in Me

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    HALLOWEEN 2018 Ever wondered what happens in Andy's Room when he's not at home? If Toy Story was a favorite of yours, this will certainly be an eye opener! In this story, Jessie is fed up of Woody & the fact they only get to be bad when Andy's not home but because Woody keeps leaving Jessie to go and play with the other Toys, they haven't had sex in ages. Whats a cowgirl supposed to do to get some fun around here? Jessie decides enough is enough she wants to fuck Woodys best friend Buzz Lightyear. She doesn't just want Buzz she wants Woody to watch as she sucks, fucks & gets filled by Buzz Lightyear and mocks woody throughout Ye'haaaw! Someone has definitely poisoned Jessie's Waterhole, its been filled with Buzz's thick cum now Woody be a good Cuck & come and clean it up. Andy will be home soon...Strange things are happening to these Toy's this Halloween. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS: Parody, Cuckolding, Comedy, Halloween, Cosplay, Toy Story, Blow Jobs, Fucking, Creampie & A Randy Newman Intro.. CENSORSHIP / PIXELATION is ONLY for the Trailer.
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