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    This was a custom video - video was directed by the purchaser - I use the name 'Matthew/Matt' throughout. Heres the storyline: Could you do a girlfriend POV / sex tape? So a slow, teasing pov dildo blowjob with you looking up at me and a bit of dirty talk, use my name and call me baby etc like I am your boyfriend. Then some pov sex with doggy and on your back and legs spread with plenty of moaning while I am fucking you with my big cock and sensual girlfriend dirty talk. Maybe so I can see your feet while you are on your back? And then a blowjob at the end with you asking me to cum in your mouth. Could you do the POV doggy on the bed so its sort of looking downwards if you see what I mean? Maybe wear something normal? Like sweats and a t-shirt or whatever you would wear around the house. The is a Sex Tape Style video: I sit on my bed when all of a sudden you spank my ass! Haha whats made you so horny tonight? I can't believe you're filming me. I suck your cock sensually then get on my back in the doggystyle position, taking your cock until I cum all over it then I get on my back with my feet in shot and let you fuck me again then I finish you off with a blow job and let you cum all in my mouth. Censoring / Pixelation the video is ONLY for the Trailers. This video contains: Blowjobs, GFE, Girl Friend Experience, Squirting Dildo, CIM, Doggystyle, Feet, Sensual Blowjob, XXX